May 2, 2019

How long does it take for my glasses to arrive after placing an order?

Typically, orders for glasses will arrive within 2 weeks. You can always give us a call or text to receive an update on the status of your glasses.

Phone: (714) 983-7088; Text: (714) 729-3354

Do you accept my insurance?

Please visit our insurance page for a list of vision insurance that we accept. http://www.eyecarevisionoptometry.com/insurance/

Why should I purchase glasses (frames and lens) in office rather than online? Online is cheaper…

An in office experience allows for you to receive the best correction and protection for your eyes. Our staff will work with you to assure that you receive glasses that will suit your lifestyle, needs, and budget. To provide some information about things to consider regarding expense versus benefits, here is an article from All About Vision: http://www.eyecarevisionoptometry.com/8-reasons-to-avoid-online-glasses/

How long does an exam take?

Time frame for exams vary depending on the type of examination (i.e. Comprehensive eye exam, Medical Visit, Dilation, Follow Up visits, etc.). Please call our office for an approximate time frame regarding your specific appointment. Phone: (714) 983-7088.