November 9, 2016

We improve lives by providing the finest eye care to you and your family.

Comprehensive Eye Exam: Your annual eye exam is so much more than getting a prescription. The doctor can check for signs of eye disease and even assess your eyes as an indicator of your overall health. Our comprehensive exam includes a visual fields test and retina photo that aid the doctor in assessing the health of your eye in addition to providing you with your prescription. As a bonus, both our doctors are glaucoma certified to diagnose and treat glaucoma.

Contact Lens Exam: Our doctors can you fit you for the type of contact lens best designed for your vision. Some of the contacts we carry include but are not limited to contacts for astigmatism, multi-focal, hard contacts, and specialty contact lenses.

Lasik Consultation: Tired of glasses and contacts? We partner with some of the finest surgeons in the area for your refractive procedure and our doctors will provide for you pre and post operative care.

Other services we offer are listed below

Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Diseases

Pediatric Optometry (InfantSEE Provider – Eye Exam for Babies)

Nearsightedness Prevention & Control (including Orthokeratology/Ortho-K)

Diabetic Eye Disease



Macular Degeneration

Eye Infections (Blepharitis/Keratitis/Conjunctivitis) and Ocular Allergies

Computer Vision Syndrome


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